Telematics BOX is short for on-board t-box. The Internet of vehicles system includes four parts, including host, on-board t-box, mobile APP and background system. The host is mainly used for video and audio entertainment, as well as vehicle information display; T-box is mainly used for communication with background system/mobile APP to display and control the vehicle information of mobile APP. When the user through the phone APP to send control commands, the TSP background will monitor requests instruction T - box to the car, the car after the access to the control command, through CAN bus to send control packets and realize the control of the vehicle, the final feedback on operating results to the user's mobile phone APP, only this feature CAN help users to remotely start vehicles, open air conditioning, adjust the seat to the appropriate location, etc. T-box design architecture: dual-channel DC/DC+ dual-channel LDO+ dual-core OBD module +STM32F103CBT6 is the dual-core processing of main control +STM32F105RBT6, and the peripheral is GPRS+GPS+ six-axis g-sensor and vibration Sensor for the main control to call, plus two 12V output, to reserve one URAT.
The on-board t-box communicates with the host through canbus to realize the transmission of instructions and information, including vehicle state information, key state information, control instructions, etc. Through audio connection, both sides share microphone and speaker output. The communication with mobile APP is indirect (two-way) in the form of data link through the background system. The communication between t-box and the background system also includes voice and SMS. The latter mainly realizes one-button navigation and remote control functions.
After the ACC is turned off, in order to ensure that the on-board t-box operates at a lower current, the communication module will disconnect the data link and only retain the functions of receiving short messages and making phone calls. Only when the remote control is needed to send a message, the information query is the customer service center before the fire data, do not need to send a message.
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